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Politics AUDIO


Hoy traemos dos informes radiales londinenses. A cargo de informe político se encuentra Lucas Dexter. El segundo informe, presentado por Michael Robson, expone una situación de crimen y delincuencia.

Pulsa para escuchar. Para descargar ambos archivos de audio a tu computadora, acerca el ratón a las palabras "AUDIO" y --con botón derecho-- selecciona la opción "Guardar Archivo Como" en cada caso.
Canada's Conservative Party has won a second term in office but with a reduced majority.
However it's not been cut enough to stop their controversial anti-inflation measures winning parliamentary backing.
Compared with the previous election, which produced a Conservative landslide, the Liberal vote was 18% up, against a Conservative drop of 9% and a fall of 8% in the New Democratic support.
The parents of missing schoolgirl Susan Marlowe are pleading for Brian Jackson to lead police to her body. Jackson, who's suspected of murdering the teenager, was captured while hitchhiking in France last night.
He's now being held at a village near the Swiss border where he'll be interviewed by British detectives later today.
From the village police station, Rob Luscombe:
ROB LUSCOMBE: Jackson came quietly when stopped and asked for his papers. It was his twelfth day on the run. He's the only prisoner being held in the cells of the village station at Marles. This morning he'll be taken before a magistrate in a nearby town and handed over to Interpol.
Two detectives from Kent are on their way to serve Jackson with an extradition warrant and they'll want to thank the two policemen whose chance encounter with a scruffy hitch-hiker ended a huge manhunt across France.
Rob Luscombe, Independent News, Marles, France.
term: período; backing: apoyo, soporte; landslide: aplastante; drop: reducción; fall: caída; missing: perdida; pleading: implorando, suplicando; to lead: que los guíe, que los conduzca a; held: detenido (para ser investigado); border: frontera; on the run: de huída, huyendo; cells: celdas; he'll be taken: será llevado, trasladado; nearby: cercano; handed over: entregado; to serve: hacer cumplir (condena); warrant: orden; chance encounter: encuentro casual; scruffy: malévolo; huge manhunt: intensa persecución.

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