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Son frases usuales con doble sentido.
Choose the correct word to complete the idiom.

1. To beat the bush means to avoid or delay talking about something awkward or embarrassing
2. If something is in disguise, it is something that isn't immediately recognized as being good.
3. To get your on something means to obtain something that is quite difficult to find.
4. To keep yourself to means to live a private life and not involve yourself with others.
5. To know with somebody means to know what somebody thinks about you and exactly what the situation is.
6. To pull somebody’s means tomar el pelo
7. If you something behind you, then you forget about an unpleasant experience and think about the future.
8. To say what’s on your means to tell someone what you’re thinking or worrying about.
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Complete the following sentences with one of the idioms from the previous exercise.

1. It wasn’t easy, but I finally managed to two tickets for the final between Barcelona and Chelsea.
2. I couldn’t believe my bad luck when I got hit by that car, but when I received 20,000 Euros in compensation and 2 months off work I realized it was .
3. I was upset after the divorce, but I soon decided to and get on with my life.
4. You’ve been acting strange all morning and you look really worried. I know there’s something on your mind. Why don’t you stop and just tell me what’s wrong?
5. I don’t really know what my neighbour’s like. She and I hardly speak to her. She’s a very private person.
6. Jonny told me he’s going to work in sex shop in Madrid next month. I don’t believe him. I’m sure he’s .

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Manual de Frases en Inglés para manejarse en diferentes lugares cuando viajamos a países de habla inglesa: En el aeropuerto, en el restaurant, de compras, etc.

Common Expressions Good morning / How are you? / What's your name? / … At the Airport The plane is landing (taking off) / Where is my seat? / … At the Hotel Could I see the room? / Could you wake me up at 7 am? / … At the Restaurant Would you like anything to drink? / Waiter, the check please. / … Traveling by Bus / Train What's the next stop? / Do I have to get off here? / … Public Transportation Is there a bus stop around here? / Please take me to… / … Shopping How much is this article? / May I try this dress on? / … At the Post Office Is there a post office nearby? / Where can I buy envelopes? / … Phone Calls Who is calling? / You must dial this number… / … At the Doctor´s I am not feeling well / What are the symptoms? / … At the Drugstore Could I have some sleeping pills? / Here you are. That'll be $12.50 / … At the Bank Where can I find an ATM? / How much is the rate of exchange? / … Movies & Theater Where is the ticket-office? / Are there any seats left? / …

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